Can dogs pass/digest plastic and some other garbage?

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He may pass the plastic if small enough, but…… I would like to share that my dog ate a plastic garbage can on three occasions. With the first occasion, I did not notice that my dog got sick until a week later. He became very anemic, losing blood in his stools. I was told he was poisoned and had auto-immune disease. Once he returned home, He was ok for a week and then, while I was at work, ate the lid of the garbage can. His health proceeded to get worse and I took him to an emergency hospital. Everyone treated an auto-immune disease to improve his health. While under the ER care, it was discovered that Reggie had a mass in his stomach. Nothing was conclusive other than it was surrounded by inflammation. Reggie never stopped passing blood in his stools. After several transfusions, he seemed to start showing improvement. But again after bringing him home and feeding him, he immediately started to vomit and there again were several (5) pieces from the garbage can. My beloved dog at this point never recovered. After a few days of being home he had to return for another transfusion. When he returned home afterwards, he began to vomit blood and his time with me came to an end. I constantly complained about the garbage can and in my heart I believe that was the mass in his stomach. I could be wrong, but it is just too coincidental that after each time my dog ate the plastic of the garbage can, his health worsened. In the beginning, I did not realize the trashcan could have been the missing link. It was a friend of mine that brought it to my attention. Dogs eating Garbage cans can be very serious. From the day my son rescued and brought Reggie home he was a plastic chomper. PLEASE keep all plastic including Trash cans out of the reach of your beloved pets. I cannot prove this was the demise of my dog, but my heart has been aching over this since his death.
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